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EM District

A visionary commercial development initiative situated along the bustling Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. This innovative project comprises three iconic shopping centers: The Emporium, The EmQuartier, and The Emsphere. Nestled in the heart of Sukhumvit, The EM District aspires to establish itself as a world-class commercial hub. Set against the backdrop of nature and complemented by the serene Benjasiri Park, it is poised to usher in a new era, enhancing the vibrant charm of this lively area.

About EM District

About EM District

Discover the allure of The M District, a prominent commercial development initiative that houses three remarkable shopping centers—The Emporium, The EmQuartier, and The Emsphere. Positioned along Sukhumvit Road, this dynamic district is set to redefine the shopping and lifestyle experience in Bangkok.

Surrounded by the tranquility of Benjasiri Park, The M District combines luxury, architecture, and nature to create a unique and unforgettable destination in the heart of the city.

Things to Do in EM District

Forget your guidebooks and polished malls, Bangkok’s Em District throws open its arms to the unexpected. Imagine a vibrant canvas where art dances on walls, quirky boutiques whisper stories, and hidden gems sparkle around every corner. Here’s your guide to the must-do’s in this unique Bangkok haven:

Emporium Mall – Luxury Shopping Haven

Embark on a shopping spree through the opulent Emporium Mall, an exquisite haven for luxury enthusiasts. Delve into six floors of elegant white interiors and immerse yourself in a paradise of high-end brands.

The sophisticated atmosphere of Emporium establishes it as a beacon of luxury in Bangkok, providing a unique and indulgent retail experience.

EmQuartier – Glamour and Architectural Grandeur


Indulge in the charm of EmQuartier, one of Bangkok’s most enchanting shopping destinations. Beyond its collection of designer brands, marvel at its architectural allure featuring a multi-level façade, giant LED screens, a rooftop garden, and a central atrium boasting a 100-meter-long cascading waterfall.

EmQuartier combines glamour and architectural grandeur, making it a must-visit destination within the EM District.

EmSphere – Ambitious Luxury and Unique Design

Experience the visionary design of EmSphere, an integral part of The M District’s expansive retail project. Discover its unusual glass dome design flanked by two additional structures.

Situated near Benjasiri Park and a short walk from Phrom Phong BTS station, EmSphere offers an exclusive experience focused on luxury fashion, lifestyle brands, and exquisite dining. Its ambitious luxury and unique design contribute to the overall allure of the EM District.

Best Hotel Near EM District

Best Hotel Near EM District

Choose from our curated list of hotels that seamlessly blend luxury and comfort, ensuring a perfect stay near the vibrant heart of the EM District. Whether you seek contemporary elegance or timeless opulence, find the ideal accommodation to complement your EM District experience. One such exquisite option is the Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15, centrally located and offering a sophisticated retreat.

Revel in the comfort of modern amenities, personalized service, and a strategic location that facilitates seamless exploration of both the EM District and the surrounding city. Embrace a harmonious fusion of luxury and convenience for an unforgettable stay in Bangkok.

Transportation Guide from Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 to EM District

Tailor your transportation experience to your preferences and schedule when journeying to the vibrant EM District. Whether you favor the convenience of a taxi, the unhurried pace of walking, the distinctive charm of a tuk-tuk, or the efficiency of public transportation, Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 offers an array of transportation options for a seamless exploration of the lively EM District.

Choose the mode of transportation that aligns with your style and embark on a comfortable journey to uncover the luxury and charm of The M District nestled in the heart of Bangkok. The M District, positioned along Sukhumvit Road, epitomizes the fusion of luxury, architectural brilliance, and natural beauty. Comprising The Emporium, The EmQuartier, and The Emsphere, it presents an unparalleled shopping and lifestyle experience.

How to go to EM District

Taxi Service

A convenient option is to take a taxi from in front of Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15. The taxi ride to the EM District takes approximately 5 minutes, providing a quick and comfortable journey to the heart of the shopping and lifestyle hub.

Walking Route

For those who enjoy exploring the surroundings on foot, a leisurely walk to the EM District is also a viable option.
The walking route takes approximately 15 minutes, allowing you to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and discover the charm of the area along the way.

Tuk-Tuk Service (Hotel to Terminal 21)

Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 provides a convenient tuk-tuk service for guests, available every 30 minutes from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. This service offers a hassle-free and enjoyable transportation option from the hotel to Terminal 21, ensuring you can explore the shopping and entertainment destination with ease. Whether you’re planning a day of retail therapy or an evening out, the hotel’s regular tuk-tuk service adds an extra layer of convenience to your stay.

Public Transportation (BTS Skytrain)

Utilizing the efficient public transportation system in Bangkok, you can take the BTS Skytrain from the nearby Phrom Phong BTS station. The station is a short walk from Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15, and the BTS Skytrain provides a quick and reliable way to reach the EM District.


From the lavishness of the Emporium to the majestic architecture of EmQuartier and the innovative design of EmSphere, each facet contributes to the allure of the EM District. Whether exploring opulent shopping havens, indulging in glamorous experiences, or relishing in ambitious luxury and distinctive design, the EM District ensures an unforgettable journey.

Opting for a hotel like Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 guarantees a perfect blend of luxury and convenience, with diverse transportation choices facilitating effortless access to the pulsating heart of the EM District. Immerse yourself in this dynamic commercial hub and witness the seamless integration of sophistication and nature in the heart of Bangkok.

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